On Call Excavations Pty Ltd is a specialised rail contractor with a team of specialised plant & operators to assist in the construction & maintenance of the New South Wales railways. On Call Excavations has been working with the New South Wales rail sector since 2006 & have passionately evolved in the industry. Our team can be deployed 24/7 throughout the metropolitan Sydney network, and can also be deployed throughout the regional network right across New South Wales.

Our broad range of capabilities and expertise includes:

  • Plant line track construction and reconstruction
  • Turnout pre-builds and installations
  • Turnout refurbishment
  • Sleeper replacement
  • Re-railing
  • Bog hole repairs
  • Retaining wall excavation and maintenance
  • Drainage Excavation
  • Under line crossings (ULX Excavation)
  • Ballasting (Achieve correct ballast profile)

‘’Passionate about progress’’ our operators continue to strive to achieve the very best in everything they do & have the capability & experience to safely & efficiently complete any task required of our clients.

Hi Rail Excavators:

Our 5.5 tonne and 6.5 tonne Hi Rail Excavators ensure fast and safe access to the tightest of sites with a variety of attachments, furthermore our Hi Rail Excavators are fully insulated which means the job can go ahead without interference with signalling, and the option of Height and Slew Restrictors further enhance safety.

Hi Rail Excavator Attachments:

    • 360 degree Tilt Rotating Hitch
    • Huge Range of Buckets
    • Sleeper grabs
    • Tamping Heads
    • Augers (150 – 900)
    • 360 degree Tilt Rotating Hitch
    • Compaction Plates
    • Hammers
    • Height Restrictors
    • Slew Restrictors
    • Rail Broom
    • Rail Tongs
    • Rail Threaders